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Inspired by what we created in Tulum, we will make La Granja in Ibiza, our home for 10 incredible days.  Picture a very different Ibiza than what most are used to.  Consider HABITAS, once again, a sanctuary amidst the clubbing madness of this beautiful island.  Our focus, as always, will be one of rejuvenation, as we embrace the sun and sunsets with music, our nomadic spa, and our incredible HABITAS family, new and old.

Surrounded by 10 acres of forest, La Granja is one of the oldest farms on the Island and is the perfect place to write our next story. Additional details and guest artists will be announced very soon.


HABITAS at La Granja, will require a 2 night minimum stay during the week and a 3 night minimum on the weekend. Various room options have be made available to our traveling family.

Join us for daily sunset sessions & wellness. Day Keys are available at the front desk for €60.00 for friends on the island staying elsewhere.

Direct all booking Inquiries to:


Daily 11:00 AM  or 4:30 PM

Led by Eva Kaczor
Daily 11:00 AM or 4:30 PM
Led by Lisa DeNarvaez
Reservations available Daily from 9:00AM to 6:00 PM
€100 / 1 hour treatment
Daily at 6:00 PM to Midnight.

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We travel not to escape life, but for life not to escape us.
– Anonymous

Among the honey-hued fields and moody pine forests of Ibiza’s pastoral inlands sits La Granja, an enclave of pared-down relaxation and rural simplicity. La Granja serves as the clubhouse of Friends of a Farmer, an international organization forged around the cultivation of art, music, and crops.

Iberian Verdure
Wildly enveloped by the pastoral verdure of Ibiza’s heartland, 20 tiered acres of pine and citrus forests give way to fertile gardens, overseen by a master farmer and an all-knowing pig. Here, among the heady scents of ficus, figs and lemon trees, is the real Ibiza. The one untouched by time and tourism, the one of rambling roads, brooding mountains, and peerless ocean vistas.

Explore La Granja:


La Granja embraces the Mediterranean diet not just as a culinary mode but as a lifestyle. It’s the food. It’s the social interaction. It’s the rituals. It’s getting the right kind of exercise, being outside in the fresh air and sunshine. It’s the whole approach—beginning, of course, with the soil. Composting, mulching, and an earth-friendly approach to water management have returned vital nutrients to the multiple garden plots spread across the property. Old, ridged terraces have been reborn, now revealing a seeded curation of the land with 30 assorted fruit and vegetable varieties surrounded by trees of citrus, apple, nectarine, fig and almond. This bounty is then brought to the Kitchen, where chef José Catrimán prepares a delicious menu of healthy, fresh slow food for the communal table.


Music is a powerful tool of connection.  It is truly a universal language through which worlds come together.  Music is a life force at HABITAS.  We strive to provide a home for music that allows for unique and immersive experiences, allowing a deeper relationship with nature, and one another.  Our musical journey for the weekend goes beyond our Habitas family residents as we are inspired to welcome new talent into our home ranging from live instrumentation to ethereal performance.

We believe balance is crucial to human experience and a higher quality of life.  The importance of being present & mindful, while nurturing your physical and subconscious well-being is at the core of our nomadic spa.  Massage, reflexology, breathwork, guided meditation, and yoga will be available throughout the week, complementing programmed discussions and conversations throughout Habitas.


For the past 15 years, Sabo has set the benchmark for his peers across the world thanks to his unmistakable signature style: ‘Funky music to make you feel good’ which is, as he describes it, an irresistible Balearic fusion of deep house, tropical bass, Moombahton, Dub, disco, hip hop, soul and reggae.


He is a pivotal part of the fast-growing moombahton scene, with the sound’s creator, Dave Nada, openly crediting Sabo’s early musical experiments as a key influence on the sound of today. Sabo’s responsible for many of the genre’s key tracks, and a resident DJ at the legendary Moombahton Massive parties.



Lorenzo Dada is steadily building his reputation as a producer who is influenced by his classical background. From the start Lorenzo has been a classical composer and pianist with a degree from the prestigious Conservatory of Saint Cecilia in Rome. From this Lorenzo has blended Classical and Electronic music for labels such as Culprit LA, Get Physical Music and more.


Lorenzo holds residency for Goa Ultrabeat at Goa Club in Rome since 2014.
For the past 8 years Lorenzo Dada has been playing concerts and shows in Rome, Italy alongside influences (Dj Koze, Zip, Dj Qu and many others), gaining musical experience and outlook. He has also played in events held around the world including BPM in Mexico, WMC in Miami and Off Sonar in Barcelona.

He has showcased his Live as a guest artist at events held at GOA Club in Rome, as well as opening for Marco Carola’s DJ Set at Music On in Rome, and before Sven Vath at GOA Ultrabeat and Studios for Cocoon Rome.

Lorenzo Dada is currently working towards releasing EPs with some of the labels he has released on through compilations including Culprit LA, No.19 and Contexterrior.



Berge Sahakian AKA Goldcap’s roots in music are based in an eclectic pool of genres since his earliest ages. Listening to everything from classic rock, traditional indian, orchestra, and reggae, to classical, metal, west-african, and middle-eastern styles of music. Finally introduced to a decent electronic song in 2006, he decided to dive into DJ’ing immediately, as he has always loved to perform as much as appreciate the music that touches him.


Having picked up instruments like the electric/acoustic guitar, bass guitar, classical piano, and various different percussive instruments, it was only natural for him to incorporate an organic vibe into his musical selections. Within the years he has played at some of LA’s grandest venues such as Sound Nightclub, Exchange LA, Vanguard, Standard, ect. but his preferred parties lay in the underground scene; at intimate venues & outdoor events. Having played alongside artists such as Eduardo Castillo, Acid Pauli, Nu, Henry Saiz, Nick Warren, Sander K, Low Tide, Canson, Gab Rhome, DAVI, and many more, Goldcap’s vision is to deliver an organic sound throughout his sets and productions which speak to the universal soul within us all. Also being a fan of poetry, films, ambient sounds, traditional instruments, and the spoken word, you will often find him incorporating an eclectic array of samples into his sets. Finally breaking out of his comfort zone with digital production softwares in 2013, we can expect to hear a few Goldcap originals in the near future.



Viken Arman is a french producer, born and raised in Paris. He considers music as the mirror of his feelings. Versatile and elusive, he doesn’t restrict himself to a unique musical universe.

Since his childhood, he has been exploring various musical registers, merging and composing them according to his mood.


His piano knowledge confers him a musical culture as well as an artistic ease that help him when working on his different projects (jazz, classic, film music and more recently electronic music).

His influences as varied as surprising, such as Erik Satie, Trent Reznor, Thomas Newman, Avishai Cohen, Jay Dilla, Herbie Hancock, Ricardo Villalobos, Tigran Hamasyan, Trentemoller, but also a lot of oriental musicians, represent an inexhaustible source of inspiration for this artist who started electronic music at the age of 13.



A returning musical member of our HABITAS  family, monsieur Canson is the epitome of a elegantly focused sound designer and musician. His attention to detail with his productions and sets truly set him aside and easily place him a world of musical sophistication.

Canson joins us from Zurich, Switzerland.


Hanging in the balance between fantasy & reality,
riding the fringes as they spiral and entwine,
catching the rise before the fall,
life is beautiful after all.

Amidst the end of one age and the dawning of a new, a paradoxical soul is born upon a quest. Departing his Irish homeland in 2009, the first stop on Peter’s adventure brought him to Berlin.


Impregnated by it’s seductive musical underworld, very soon along with a family of friends Peter found himself giving birth to two nightclubs; Kleine Reise and subsequently Loftus Hall, enjoying the role as booker and resident at both. Out of this flowered Kleine Reise Records which he runs and releases his productions through.

Deeply nestled in Mother Nature’s breathing bosom,
His rhythm hangs in the balance between fantasy & reality, riding the fringes as they spiral and entwine, to catch the rise before the fall, life is beautiful after all. And after a whirlwind 5 years churning out wholesome grooves all around Berlin & Europe, the allure of new and exotic experiences is calling, it is time to continue the journey…

Peter joins us from Sao Paolo, Brazil.



A darwīš is a religious monk dedicating his entire existence to the advancement of faith and meditation. Although he believes in Allah, he can be described predominantly as a mystic. Refraining from any form of material wealth and even societal appreciation, holy enlightenment is his true aim.


After finishing up their semester at University, Nicolas and Jonas – or Parra for Cuva & Senoy – decided to pack all their gear into their camper and go on a road-trip down to the eastern coast of Spain.
The car filled with all kinds of gear, from synths to speakers, guitars, and percussions amongst other tools and toys, three creative weeks ensued, creating music with a view out to the sea.

While taking everything in and doing daily trips, the two were able to create enough song ideas in three weeks to spent the rest of the year at home in the studio to finish all arrangements and mixes.

Inspired by the Spanish way of life in a small and historically rich port town, a stark contrast to life Berlin, and soaking up diverse musical influences, the individual titles are highly personal and reflect on specific emotions or intimate experiences.

During the arrangement of the title-song, the percussion track was accidentally dragged to infinity, which resulted in a trance inducing meditative sound that gave them the idea for the title. Watching turkish dervish dancers while listening should therefore enhance the listening experience.

Parra For Cuva joins us from Berlin, Germany.



This duo of world class musicians fuse traditionally classical sitar and violin with modern day and futuristic effects while they weave through other worldly experimental sounds, always sharing a mind blowing musical journey.

Bole join us from Tulum, Mexico.


Pablo is a Venezuelan Dj & Producer living in Barcelona via Brooklyn. He found himself traveling the World in search of good music & good waves at an early age.
His music career started in NYC in the late 90’s with a good push start from the legendary Satellite Records.


He became part of the city´s music scene Djing in the most relevant venues of the time. Around the year 2001 he made his first studio recordings and live shows with the project Soul Dynamics alongside neighbourhood friend Alexi Delano.

After NYC, he landed first in Madrid and then in Barcelona, Spain where he currently launches out to the rest of the world DJing in places like Tokyo, Berlin, Sydney, Moscow, Seoul and countless more as well as different festivals like Sonar in Barcelona, (2005, 2010, 2011).

His productions include collaborations with a handful of vocalist and musicians from the most diverse backgrounds, including UK´s vocal sensation Colonel Red, swedish future-soul singer Kissey Asplund and many more.

His releases can be heard on labels like Moodmusic, liebe*detail, Apersonal, Lovemonk, Galaktika, GAMM and Wonderwheel records among others.

Pablo have been touring the US on a yearly basis playing NYC, SF, LA, DC, San Diego , Puerto Rico and more.

On the Dj side you will hear sounds from Detroit, Chicago, NYC or Berlin during any of his sets. His sessions oscillate seamlessly around electronic, warm, and deep textures always on the uplifting side of things.

Pablo joins us from Barcelona, Spain.



We are born in a chaotic age, all looking for our own space.
A space that exists beyond ideas of what’s right and what’s wrong.
A space where we can surrender, and find ourselves. Let’s meet there….


Satori is inspired to capture electronic world music, where he combines endless blends of seductive trance and mind-altering earthy tones. It is not defined by any-one genre. Satori is here to satisfy any meditative music-lover by provoking a spiritual journey through his infinite sound-garden.
Listen as you take on new dimensions of his musical world, where movement, dreaming and creativity are endless. Let the sound live in your heart, harvesting every last memory of dance and rhythm. Satori’s sound is more than just a switch on a soundboard; he is the man behind the instrument, creating melodies from the piano, kora, kalimba, and guitar in combination with a deeper form of electronic music.

Satori joins us from Amsterdam, Netherlands.



Eduardo Castillo’s music encompasses his depth in the study of the industry and influences stemming from a South American and European upbringing. His studies in music composition, orchestration and opera provide him with a vast understanding of harmonies, dynamics and musical textures. Eduardo uses a subtle ethnomusicologist’s approach to music. His record collection reads like a music history book. In fact his eclecticism is quite enticing.


Sounds of Jazz, Avant –Garde, Middle Eastern, South American, Afro-Cuban folk, Soul, Funk, and electronic minimalism, can be heard in his compositions, his singing, his dj sets, and his playing of instruments, whether in their pure form or intertwined with down, mid and up-tempo electronic treatments.

Ultimately, simplicity is what Eduardo strives for. An effort is always made to have a fresh organic sound while inevitably providing touches of technological advances shaping music today, never overwhelming and always sophisticated and tasteful.

Eduardo’s mission is to always become a storyteller from beginning to end. Every record he plays has a very important intention. The music in his selections does not just fill time, it weaves in and out with dynamic and texture. The music, and his improvisational live remixing, are brush strokes on a canvas that once he’s reached the end, will look like a world of realism and fantasy all in one. He’s a master at layering the musical with the technical and the surreal with the real.
Eduardo always leaves an indelible mark with his style and impeccable understanding of his environment.
Eduardo Castillo has several releases on the groundbreaking Crosstown Rebels label, Sol Selectas, Half Seas Over. He is the founder of the infamous HABITAS, GRAND PARK SUNDAY SESSIONS, VOODOO, AND PATTERN BAR from Los Angeles. He is as passionate about creating magical experiences as he is about leading listeners in a beautifully crafted sonic journey.




BlissPoint Breathwork is an active meditation practice that facilitates a lasting shift in consciousness.  Handed down through a long lineage of teachers as a yogic practice, it consists of an easy to learn two part circular breath that facilitates a shift from head to heart, from resistance to flow, from fear to love.


Through the power of breath, intention and sound, you will tap into a deep state of relaxation, release blocked emotions, reconnect with your center and resurface with a sense of well being and embodied joy.

Lisa de Narvaez has been immersed in studying, teaching and facilitating the healing arts for over two decades. She is an NYU certified life coach, breathwork facilitator and human design specialist. Her primary work is to help her clients realize their full potential and heal their deepest fears, blocks and negative beliefs by helping them tap into and remember who they truly are with compassion and grace.

She specializes in working with individuals who are seeking to deepen their own awareness and find true life balance and fulfillment and has worked with clients in the US, Europe, Africa and South America. Her vision, commitment and driving force is to facilitate a true and sustainable shift from a paradigm of fear, limitation and separation to a paradigm of love and connection.

Lisa joins us from Bogota, Colombia by way of Los Angeles, CA



Eva is a highly experienced and passionate Vinyasa Yoga Teacher, Body Expert and Health Coach based in Berlin and Tulum. She studied yoga as well as in-depth anatomy with experts in NYC, India, Mexico, Bali, Thailand and Berlin. Next to Yoga she teaches intelligent workout and health routines  and supports you in building your own.


Eva teaches a powerful Vinyasa Yoga Flow that incorporated strength building movements, deep breath work and a focus on healthy alignment in the body. In her classes you experience a sweat but also a spiritual journey to yourself. Being a music and dancefloor lover, her classes are accompanied by sound, ranging from Electro to Mantra.

Being the founder of the online art magazine, Eva also connects yoga and art by teaching in Berlin’s art galleries.

At HABITAS Ibiza she will take care of you by directing the Nomadic Spa as well as by sharing daily yoga classes with you.

Eva joins us from Berlin, Germany


At its core, HABITAS has evolved into a tight knit community of like-minded people, brought together by an appreciation and passion-driven creativity, self expression, and adventure. Whereas adventure, to some, may mean one thing, for the fellow inhabitant, adventure is synonymous with an unforgettable experience, or a journey of sorts. An experience guided by trust, evoking happiness, expression, inspiration, and most importantly, fun. An experience sure to end with smiles, leaving lessons and memories to hang on to, until that next adventure.


Direct all booking Inquiries to: