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Our Adventure Experiences

From mountain biking to stargazing to camel rides, discover AlUla’s breathtaking landscapes and natural wonders through our adventure programming.


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Adventure Trail

The Adventure Trail is an 8 km long historical treasure site with clusters of pictographs that are two-thousand years old. Experience a variety of terrains including volcanic rocks and soft sand.


Experience the entire universe with this unique dinner under the clear skies of AlUla. We’ll drive to the remote Gharameel area which offers some of the best views of the night sky.

Camel Riding and Sanam Camp

Spend two hours riding a camel, immersing ourselves in traditional Bedouin culture with folkloric dances, local cuisine, a falcon show and more.

Buggies UTV Guided Tour

Start your adventure on this unforgettable adrenaline ride through AlUla’s amazing sandstone mountains. Experienced guides will drive you into narrow canyons, over high sand dunes and across challenging terrain. The trail will start off the beaten bath and take you along different loops of a highly eroded sand mountain.

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it’s a pirate’s life

Discover the cultural community center bringing self-expression to Bacalar.

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