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The Sounds of AlUla

At our Home in the desert, we experience unique sounds in our dramatic landscape that move our body and soul. Through the power of music–our universal language–we connect to the present moment, ourselves and each other, creating profound collective experiences in nature.

Our Concert Series

In AlUla, we gather to marvel at the melodies from the oud and move to the rhythms of the riqq while taking in the immense and rare beauty of the never-ending desert and sweeping valley. Using delicate and powerful soundscapes, our Concert Series experiment with rhythms and beats that evoke profound sensations and emotions, taking us on an inner journey from start to finish.

Habitas Sounds

Music is the heartbeat of Habitas, and we believe it should always be shared. We invite you to listen to HABITAS SOUNDS, a carefully curated playlist by our co-founder and musician Eduardo Castillo.

Listen With Us

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