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Our Home of Wonder

Set in a living museum where time stands still, Habitas AlUla is a place for curious minds to lose themselves in an unspoken world of wonder. Sign up to follow our journey and be the first to know about our opening.

A Journey Through Time

Located amongst dramatic sandstone canyons, within close proximity to Hegra, an ancient Nabatean archeological wonder and a UNESCO World Heritage site.


From canyon trekking to learning desert survival skills, we will tap into the magical ecosystems of AlUla that push the mind and body to new heights.

Art & Culture

At Habitas AlUla, we connect with local heritage and immerse ourselves in a living museum through storytelling, exploring the wonders of Hegra and the Ancient Arabian Kingdoms.

Step Inside a Living Museum

By Carolina Ramirez Herrera

Get lost in a world of wonder in the unexplored land called AlUla

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At our music sunset sessions and concert series, we will marvel at the melodies from the oud and the riqq, blended with Habitas sound.


Where the stars lend themselves to astronomy-driven yoga and spa therapies are infused with scents of jasmine, frankincense and the Taif rose we combine local modalities with Habitas rituals, making all of our activities unique to AlUla.

Our Dining

Our food and beverage concept will infuse Middle Eastern cuisine using local, fresh ingredients to bring Saudi Arabia’s unique flavors to life. Our dishes will explore flavors and spices that were once traded along the Incense Route, offering an immersive culinary journey through time.

A Trek Through Time at Hegra

By Sammar Hattab

Wherever you are in the world, make sure you add AlUla to your bucket list, it is one trip that will surely leave one speechless, fulfilled, and serene, or in the words of the famous traveler Ibn Battuta – “he who enters it is lost, and he who leaves it is born.”