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Our Home on the Lagoon

Seamlessly built on the crystalline waters of Laguna Bacalar, Habitas Bacalar is our eco-sustainable, holistic oasis; an escape to restore and calm the senses through wellness practices and soothing adventures overlooking seven hues of blue.


Our 35 A-frame tented rooms are decorated with minimalist organic interiors and lookout onto the lagoon.


Achieving authentic self-expression begins from the inside out, through nourishment of body and mind. Our wellness practices and our spa therapies are personalized, using traditional Mayan ingredients such as cacao, bee honey and clay.


Centered around lagoon exploration, our adventure programming taps into the magical ecosystems in Bacalar, inviting us to explore the lagoon by catamaran, kayak or paddleboard.


Gather at home for intimate concert series and live music sessions and dance to the rhythm of the setting sun.

Beneath the Surface of Bacalar

By: Sophia Perlstein

For those who travel far and wide, remnants of our past can be found in the most exquisite corners of our planet. Learn about Bacalar’s ancient wonders.

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Centered around our belief that food is medicine, our menu highlights carefully selected ingredients with health and wellness properties, combining an array of colors and textures into a fresh variety of seasonal dishes.