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Restore the soul through Mayan-inspired wellness practices

Wellness is woven into the fabric of everything we do at Habitas, how we sleep, eat and experience our day-to-day. Our wellness combines the best techniques and ancestral practices from different parts of the world, led mainly with a strong influence of the local Mayan culture.

Our Treatments

Take a breath

We believe that to strengthen our connection to those around us, we must reconnect with ourselves.

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  • Our Mayan Clay Ceremony, or ‘circuloh toh’, is a fun and detoxifying Mayan clay and honey group massage experience. A ritual not to miss.

  • Partake in an enveloping sensorial therapy that combines a cacao ceremony, sound meditation and aromatherapy.

An Aquatic Equilibrium of Breath & Body

By: Sasha Djoric

An immersive deep dive into our inner consciousness with master freediver and breathwork instructor Rodo Escalante.

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