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Our Home in the Wild

Lost among a 51,000-hectare nature reserve, where rare and majestic wildlife roam free, we discover a way of life that looks to the earth beneath our feet and the stars above for knowledge. We adventure out to the depths of the bush to rekindle our creativity and curiosity, in awe of the human connection that happens along the way. In this wild and untouched space, we are empowered to craft a better world for ourselves, others and our planet.

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Our menu at Habitas Namibia is to showcases Namibia’s versatile cuisine in a refined yet rustic manner. Our dishes feature local ingredients paired with globally-inspired flavors.


Habitas Rise aims to preserve local culture and wildlife through education and employment opportunities, wildlife conservation and sustainable practices.

Our Local Initiatives

Our mission is to preserve and protect those who were here before us.

  • We are surrounded by diverse natural ecosystems and hundreds of rare species of wildlife such as rhinos, zebras, wildebeest and more. We provide a safe haven for endangered problem species by integrating these species on our reserve. 

  • Habitas RISE supports Namibia’s communities by empowering locals through job opportunities and hospitality training. 

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