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Habitas RISE is our global impact initiative focused on empowering local communities, cultures and conservation efforts. We create economic and educational opportunities for the local people living in the places we call Home, building micro-economies, creating jobs and working closely with these communities to address social and environmental issues.

Donate to RISE

Habitas RISE Fund

We work in various ways to raise awareness and funds for RISE. Our initiative begins at check in. Upon staying at one of our Homes, we contribute $10 on our guests’ behalf to our Habitas RISE Fund. We also gift our Friendship Bracelet, which symbolizes our collective responsibility and commitment to each other, the local community and the environment.

Get Involved

Participate in various volunteer initiatives, and at check-out, make a small donation to the fund. Other ways we support the RISE Fund include the hosting of regular events, gatherings and concerts whose proceeds go directly to RISE and the local communities; proceeds from the sale of certain local items; and contributions from our community

Community Impact

We support initiatives that provide economic and educational opportunities to indigenous communities, youth programs, local artisans and farmers.

  • In Tulum, we are proud to support the non-profit organization Los Amigos de la Esquina (LADLE), which empowers Tulum’s next generation of leaders through innovative, educational and inspiring activities surrounding wellness, art and the environment.

  • Our RISE initiative in Uganda (Nakivale & Kampala) focuses on building community through education and cultural programming. Located in the Nakivale settlement, the Uhuru Land of Uganda is an agora designed to change the refugee experience through programming and public spaces created and built by the refugees themselves.

  • United by a shared vision of hospitality and the future of our planet, Habitas and Saira Hospitality have partnered to employ locals, recruiting 70 people for training and hiring 14 people to work full-time in our Home in Namibia.

  • The Xhazil Community’s organic greenhouse farming operation is one example of the micro-economies we support in the places we call Home. By purchasing their organic vegetables, we contribute to the community’s prosperity and wellbeing.

  • We source our welcome bracelets from the nearby Women’s Cooperative, El Cuyo. Working closely with Colors for Good, the organisation empowers women from the El Cuyo State of Yucatan in making bracelets and Cotton handbags. Each Habitas journey begins with a friendship bracelet meaning each guest directly contributes towards improving the quality of life for these women.

Environmental Impact

Through collaborations with community leaders, we seek to preserve and regenerate our planet for us and generations to come.

  • We support the Noh Bec Community Reforestation Program, which is actively fostering rainforest regeneration in the Bacalar Lagoon Watershed and helping the community create economic alternatives by offering sustainable tourism experiences deep in the jungle.

  • Via Habitas’ Plastic Hunter Initiative, ‘Puntos Limpios’ is a highly successful project that places receptacles and stations at strategic locations in Tulum to manage plastic and other recyclable materials while educating the local community about waste.

  • With our partner Oceanus, we help regenerate the Mesoamerican Reef at our Home in Tulum by “planting” coral colony fragments, contributing to the ocean’s biodiversity.

  • By partnering with Agua Clara non-profit organization, we are helping monitor the water quality of the lagoon and its interconnected ecosystem that gives Bacalar its seven shades of blue.

  • Along with Papaya Playa Project and the Tulum Municipality, we patrol one kilometer of sandy beach to take care of the marine turtles that come to nest every year from April to November.

  • Habitas Tulum has partnered with Coop Ambio’s Scolel’te Program, a certified carbon capture program, through reforestation activities and sustainable forest management in the state of Chiapas, Mexico.


  • In alliance with ConMonoMaya we are creating an Acoustic Mapping of the Biodiversity that inhabits our home in Bacalar. This will allow us to evaluate our regenerative approach to how we co-live with nature, create new ways of understanding land development, and blend sound-music and the art of conservation.

HABITAS RISE is fiscally sponsored by Far Away Projects, a California 501(c)3 non-profit organization (EIN 82-1917723).

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