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Our Sustainable Ethos

With discovery of rare places of natural beauty comes great responsibility. Our purpose is to protect our home, the earth, through immersive spaces that deepen our awareness. We seek to educate and inspire, while holding transparency in high regard. We are committed to fulfilling the United Nation’s Sustainability Development Goals for 2030. 

Sustainable Design & Development

At Habitas, our construction methodology minimizes our environmental impact. Our modular construction allows us to build in an efficient way without compromising design integrity and guest experience.

Single-use Plastic Free

We are committed to eliminating single-use plastic throughout all of our homes and have been awarded the Oceanic Champion Badge for adopting The Oceanic Standard.

Offsetting Carbon Emissions

We’ve partnered with Cooperativo Ambio’s Scolel’te Program, supporting reforestation from proceeds from our concerts and screenings. This initiative offsets carbon emissions from our operations.

Waste Management

Waste classification is the most important step directed to better waste management. We work with local organizations to manage excess waste as a result of daily operations by recycling and composting.

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it’s a pirate’s life

Discover the cultural community center bringing self-expression to Bacalar.

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