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Our Home of Play

Caravan by Habitas is an immersive glamping experience off-the-beaten path for people seeking adventure, surprise and human connection.

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Our Dining

Our three vibrant food trucks emphasize our concept of play, making every meal a moment to enjoy among friends. To encourage deeper human connection, we offer a laid-back dining area designed with a combination of family-style communal tables and cushioned seating.

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Our Offerings

Explore our one-of-a-kind offers that echo the changing seasons and highlight our special rates

Feel the Heat

Summer is a time for play, and there’s no better place than AlUla’s otherworldly landscape to get you thinking outside the box. Stay with us and fall into a state of wonderment amidst the dry desert heat.

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journey through time

Caravan is a new travel experience by Habitas. It exists at the crossroads of an ancient spice and incense route, home to the ancient Nabataeans, where caravans from across the world came together to trade their exotic possessions.

travel without boundaries

Our gathering areas take inspiration from the ancient Bedouins who traveled the land. The communal areas are anchored by a central gathering tent, with low cushions, where guests can connect and share meals and stories. We will also feature talks, performances and art installations.

Ignite the Soul

At Caravan AlUla we are not merely a bystander to history, we are an active participant in a magnificent and timeless story that continues to unfold. Join The Caravan and become part of a circle, forging strong bonds and building new friendships that will last a lifetime.

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it’s a pirate’s life

Discover the cultural community center bringing self-expression to Bacalar.

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