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Aquatic Equilibrium of Breath and Body

By Sasha Djoric | Sep 7, 2020

With the cornucopia of holistic activities that visualize as vibrant colors within the mural of Tulum, Rodolfo Escalante’s breathwork and freediving workshop are essential hues in the organic painting of this beach town.

As an onsite-instructor at Habitas Tulum, Rodolfo holds a well-deserved title as one who is equipped and emotionally adept in creating space for the intimate, heart-opening experience of breathwork and freediving. Breathing is an aspect of our lives that we chalk up to a function of the body, we do it unconsciously. We disassociate from the action and take away our ability to utilize the power of breathing and the depth it can bring to our spiritual practices and enjoyment of life. By being conscious of and breathing with intention, the realization of how impactful it is on our state of mind, our emotions, our clarity, truly is, pun intended a breath of fresh air.

The irony is that through time in Memorium, breathing exercises have played a fundamental role in the active practice of meditations and holistic ceremonies- with these experiences also being deeply rooted within the local indigenous culture around Tulum, the Mayans.  Rodolfo illustrates that breathwork is an art form that each human can perfect, and unpacks this for us in the most beautiful and simple-to-understand way.

Freediving, the act of being underwater without a breathing apparatus, requires one to have a higher level of connection with breath, paired with the cycles of breathing that he teaches. These practices allow you to free dive for extended periods of time. The sensation of freediving personifies the feelings of being in utero. It heightens our connection with Earth, with the understanding that it is the collective mother, and our bodies intrinsically recall the relationship between mother and child when carried in her womb, as we free dive. Without breathwork, the veritable phenomenon of freediving is hard to appreciate and ultimately, value.

As a novice, it can feel daunting and almost silly expanding your diaphragm, alternating between fast and slow breaths. You become so acutely aware of your lungs, the change within your body as it adapts to the different ways of intaking oxygen; the strange noises that come out of you, yet through it all, you are taken back into your mind and body in a way that examples our lack of this nourishment in the bustle of life. Rodolfo leads you through these two simple acts and expands upon them in a way where being underwater, the conscious focus of breathing, opens up channels that enhance your sensory perception on a physical and soul level.

Well-known is it that Tulum is peppered with Cenotes and ethereal lagoons, unparalleled liquid jewels that were almost crafted exactly for these kinds of workshops that Rodolfo leads. Being taken to places like Kaan Luum, alone- a dreamy turquoise lagoon just a short drive outside of Tulum’s pueblo, is itself, such an adventure. The potent, organic information that our senses download while immersed in the natural world brings us back to times when our lives were nature.

The workshop itself adds a level of depth not felt before, leaving you with a new sense of awareness that brings you deeper into the understanding of how we should experience life as a whole. His workshop goes beyond swimming, breathing, and being present. It’s a lesson of simplicity that removes us from the pile of passing thoughts and stresses, eliminating non-essential aspects of our individual lives that remove us from our true selves and from the real world. Rodolfo helps you dial back into the collective recognition that the human body is a catalyst, able to supercharge our spirituality and raise our relationship with nature to the height that we were intended to have with it.

For most vagabonds that find their feet traversing Tulum’s beach, its natural wonders, and those who call it their home of sunshine and sea, it’s unignorable that there is something wild, freeing, and connective that permeates this land. Invisible doors open within our hearts when here, allowing in a flood of inalienable truths about who we are, how we should live, and how precious life is. Rodolfo’s unforgettable workshop lifts a veil off this place and lets you step through into the authentic Tulum, and into the authentic you.

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