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Into the wild

By Carolina Ramirez | Sep 4, 2020

Situated on a 47,000-hectare private estate past the rolling desert dunes, harsh sun and vast open space lies Habitas Namibia, our most unique home in the wild. A haven for those looking to leave city life in the dust and connect with raw nature, new cultures and one of Africa’s greatest wilderness experiences, the magic of safari.

With conservation and community being at the core of the Habitas way of life, we take a peek inside the enchanted world of the Namibian Savannah with Perry, one of Habitas Namibia’s trusted rangers who believes education is the backbone to a sustainable future for his own backyard. “I was born in the Northwestern part of the country, in the region of Kaokoland and am Himba by tribe. Due to its location, the area is known for its roaming wildlife and I learned from a very young age how to understand animals, their behaviors, how to co-exist and more importantly respect the land I came from. My region was one of the first where conservancy was introduced and the community at large was tasked with the responsibility to look after wildlife, and how we can benefit from protecting it, which is essentially where my career started. I was very lucky to be able to go to school and learn English, making it easier to switch back and forth from my native language.” says Perry. His impressive encyclopedic wealth of knowledge and energetic passion is apparent the second you speak to him. “Just like my community was taught the importance of protecting wildlife, we must do the same for our guests.” says Perry.

“I was born in the bush, raised in the bush and will forever stay in the bush. Everything I know is in this land, which has been passed on from my ancestors and I will pass on to future generations .”


Our rangers play a crucial role in the safari experience. Each one provides a different perspective, sharing their overwhelming pride for the land and personal stories. “It isn’t just about finding animals and taking pictures for me. Education is the only way forward when it comes to conservation. Getting our guests involved and taking part in our efforts, letting them get their hands dirty and train with our anti-poaching unit helps them put into perspective that even the smallest changes lead to long term improvements.” explains Perry. Every animal, bird and insect has its place and purpose; even the smallest moments can sometimes be the most magical. His passion shines through as he eagerly describes his sunrise drives, easily one of his favorite times of the day.

“There is nothing quite like seeing a sliver of the golden sun peek above the horizon on the savannah, the soft whisper of the birds singing and the scuffle of the night animals returning to their dens. It is one of my favorite times of the day because even the smallest insects have their job in the morning brigade.”


“Even though I was born and raised around these magnificent creatures big and small, there will always be a sense of awe for me. There is nothing like having someone witness a rhino for the first time in the wild or a herd of elephants. It is something you think you get used to’ but oftentimes find myself taking a step back and truly admiring the giraffes as I have my morning coffee.”

There is something special about Habitas Namibia; while physically the place is extraordinary it is truly the people that make it special. If there is one common thread among us all is the strive for a brighter tomorrow. With the help of Perry and the rest of our team of rangers, we are taking conservation beyond traditional boundaries and inviting our guests to get involved and make a difference.

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