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Melipona, the Honey that Heals

By Sophia Perlstein | Nov 24, 2020

Honey, like many household staples, is not often thought of as a vehicle for healing. We add it to our tea, enjoying its momentary sweetness before placing it back on the shelf. As our view of integrated wellness continues to expand, natural herbs and ingredients are being touted for uses that go far beyond our day-to-day lives.

Honey in the Yucatan Peninsula is unlike any other in the world. Known as the “Mother of Medicine”, the Melipona honey bee is responsible for the pollination of 60% of the Mayan forest. For generations, Mayan cultures have been using this local variety to treat disease, enhance the immune system, replenish energy and expedite the healing process.

At Habitas, our Melipona honey is sourced directly from the lands of Jorge, our server and bee-keeper at Moro. His honey is not only used in our localized spa therapies, but in our dishes and room amenities as well.

Just an hour west of Tulum, on the outskirts of Valladolid, he cultivates their magic with the ease of a seasoned local. After all, these are his lands; where the spirit of those who came before still linger in the jungle.

There is a current that weaves its way throughout everything we do. We are honored to work with local communities who have become our family, and whose traditions we incorporate into the very experiences that bring us closer together.

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