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Pasar El Tiempo

By Gregg Pichler | Apr 29, 2020

There is a beautiful similarity between the Spanish phrases of ‘pasar el tiempo’ (passing time) and ‘pasatiempo’ (pastime or hobby). In this new age, the relativity of time has become an art, a science, and a hobby all in one. Where days feel like weeks and weeks feel like months, but in Todos Santos there is one ritual that has always remained constant…sunsets.

For six months I have lived in Todos Santos and I have never set an alarm clock, sunrise and the bells of birds have always announced its coming, whether I’m ready or not. A cozy seaside Mexican Pueblo along the shores of the Pacific Ocean, Todos Santos is a place where the words “appointments” or being on time are seldom ever heard or adhered to. However, as you roam the dirt roads and cobblestones, one thing has become very clear, almost every person can tell you within the minute what time the sun will set and where they will be for it. The day is almost constructed backwards from this precise moment and no apologies are made.

Over the course of my life, and particularly my time here in Todos Santos, I have become a forecaster and student of sunset, and I have found no finer place in my travels. Throughout the day I consistently gaze up to the sky and study what types of clouds are on the horizon, what’s the formation, what compass heading and azimuth, and who in this social distancing time can I absorb this with. I honor and protect this vessel for me and my friends by always carrying a “Sunset Bag” including blankets, a bluetooth speaker, beverages and a sweater just so we can bring a little extra magic to this magic hour. Hardly any of us ever see the sunrise on a regular basis, but most of us are usually present in some shape or form for sunset. They allow us to gather, connect, breathe and process the events of the day before we transition to the night.

Some experiences at Habitas have been so impactful that we have made them ritualistic: they exist at every Habitas property throughout the world.  For Todos Santos and myself, these sunsets have become a pass-time and we are creating an extraordinary home for all of you to come share in this experience. The most hopeful thing that keeps me going everyday is the dream that we may witness one of these glorious sunsets together.

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