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Refined Design Meets Raw Nature

By Sophia Prelstein | Sep 22, 2020

The way we travel is changing. Luxury is being redefined in a new era of hospitality, and with it, our very own perceptions of what truly matters. Authentic connection, far-reaching adventures and environmental preservation now have the floor.

At the crossroads of the desert, farm and sea lies a sleepy, hidden beach town on the Baja California coast. Our forthcoming home in Todos Santos embodies everything we love about sustainable travel; adventures immersed in nature and low-footprint escapes, ensuring our design and build speak the same language as the destination. At each of our homes, we strive to be as sustainable as possible and offset what we do.

“It is time to redefine the way hotels are conceived, designed and developed. We have to rethink this in our development process. Innovation begins with simplicity.”


Todos Santos diverse ecosystems are home to a variety of plant and animal species, making it one of Mexico’s most protected natural habitats. Characterized by mountains, plains and coastal dunes, Baja California Sur’s isolated location is largely responsible for high levels of endemism and diversity.

Using screw piles as our building foundation, we forgo the traditional procedures that actively disrupt the environment around us. This technique excludes the need to excavate or operate heavy machinery and most importantly, natural habitats are able to exist without interruption. Our rooms are then placed on top, leaving no impact and reducing our footprint in the process.

“Traditional development requires traditional infrastructure. We are reimagining construction models where boundaries and parameters do not exist, allowing us to design systems that are not proprietary.”


Each of our properties undergoes an analysis where we consider key points such as waste and water management, energy consumption and recycling programs. Led by local sustainability directors, we assess the local infrastructure and design our homes according to what the environment will allow. In Tulum, we use a reverse-osmosis approach to water treatment, and our home in Todos Santos will use a solar well pump to tap into an aquifer stored on-site where water is treated and then reused.

“We are creating benchmarks to hold ourselves accountable and actively assessing where there is room to optimize and do better.”

Like our homes in Tulum and Namibia, we’ll rely on farmers and artisans, supporting local communities and creating micro-economies that are self-sustaining while thinking through every aspect of our operations. As we look to the future of travel, we believe in providing solutions that create healthier sustainable habits and habitats.

With discovery of rare places of natural beauty comes great responsibility. Our purpose is to protect our home, the earth, through immersive spaces that deepen our awareness. We seek to educate and inspire, while holding transparency in high regard.

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