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“Music is the ultimate connector, a language that knows no boundaries.”
Eduardo Castillo

Our Concert Series & Baja el Sol

In Tulum, music is about letting our guard down and simply having fun. Whether our Concert Series or Sunday Sunset Sessions, our weekly music programming is for connecting with self and others.

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Named after the phenomenon when currents meet at sea, Mardeleva is a unique trio of music, souls and minds created by Habitas co-founder, Eduardo Castillo in Tulum. Mardeleva seeks out spaces in which self-expression, rediscovery and human connection can prosper, adapting itself to each environment.

Soundscapes in Tulum

Using delicate, powerful and emotional soundscapes, Mardeleva moves us across a spectrum, guiding us from start to finish. It starts slow, a lingering note chosen as carefully as our words. Steadfast, like a meditation or trance, we sit in this space, deconstructing the inner workings of our mind.

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