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Our Sustainable Initiatives

Our sustainable initiatives in Tulum, which are part of Habitas RISE, are focused on protecting our planet, strengthening our local communities and promoting social sustainability and conscious tourism through everything we do. 

Plastic Hunters Tulum

Plastic Hunters, an organization launched by our co-founder Eduardo Castillo & Olmo Torres, places garbage receptacles at strategic locations in Tulum to manage plastic waste and educate the local community.

Habitas Tulum x Makers Global

In partnership with Maker’s Global, the Habitas Tulum family actively participates in local beach cleanups, aimed at keeping our beaches clean.

Scolel’te Program

Habitas Tulum has partnered with Coorperativa Ambio’s Scolel’te Program, a reforestation project that protects indigenous communities in ecological zones in the state of Chiapas, Mexico. All of the proceeds from our musical concerts and film screenings in Tulum support this project, which has offset over 25 tons of CO2 until now.